My Generosity Story

June 28, 2011

I’m so fortunate to be able to talk with churches on the topic of generosity and hopefully  teach their people how important it is in their walk with God. But just because I am the one “teaching” it doesn’t mean I am finished learning.

Two weeks ago I had been working with a church in western North Carolina on a Generosity Audit. I had spent all day at the church in meetings and was ready to start the three hour drive home. Before I left town I decided to stop to get a drink for the road, my favorite, a caffeine free Diet Coke. Unfortunately the exit I pulled off on only had a Walmart, but I figured I could buy a six pack and drink the rest throughout the week. Luckily the six pack was right up front so I grabbed it and was in line quickly.

I was third in line and the lady at the counter was having trouble with the credit card machine. Now I know this isn’t news to anyone, some just don’t understand how to use those things. So I didn’t think much of it until the employee asked for the card and couldn’t run it herself. Her final comment was, “I don’t think there is any money left in the account.” As you might imagine the customer was completely embarrassed and apologetic. She immediately made a beeline for the door. I noticed she only had a couple of items and called her back, explaining I could take care of it. It wasn’t that noble of a gesture considering her total was around five dollars but she was incredibly grateful. After purchasing her items and mine, we headed to the parking lot. She asked for my name and where I was from and explained that she and her husband must not have communicated well on the bank account. As we parted and I was getting into the car I heard her from across the parking lot yell, “Thank you Nathan!”

As any of you know that have done something similar, there is a good feeling that comes with an act of generosity. I’ve never really thought about it, but now have more clarity on what that “feeling” really is. As I turned onto the highway I felt God speaking to me. I felt him telling me that the good feeling is my mind and heart in tune with His. In that moment I did what I was created to do. That one small gesture was in line with what Jesus would have done. It wasn’t because any part of me is good because I know its not apart from God.

That’s what I want others to feel and know. That by being generous, you can tap into God’s heart and better understand what He wants. You can get a sense of what heaven will be like, when everyone is united.

So next time you have that feeling inside, remember that it is your heart being united with God’s, and share that story with as many as you can!


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