Church Visitors and Dirty Chairs

November 25, 2013

So imagine if you will, walking into a Bible Fellowship class (Sunday School for those old schoolers) sitting in a chair, only to have it break. Yes, I’ve seen it happen in my class.

I have a fantastic church that is doing great things, but we have neglected many parts of our building. The old chairs in our class were dirty, some had metal parts hanging off, and many had fabric torn. Now as you might assume from the blog title, I’ll sit in those dingy old chairs. It’s my church, my family, my friends…I’d sit on the floor if I had to!


But yesterday we walked into a room of new chairs. Certainly a welcome surprise, but they weren’t for us. They were for the couple (who shall remain nameless) who visited our class for the first time. Would they come back to our class if we still had the old chairs, maybe. And who knows, they may not even come back with the new ones. But by having new comfortable chairs, we’ve removed one more roadblock to welcoming them to our church.

My monday words of (hopefully) wisdom…remove one more roadblock to visitors who pass by your church everyday. A clean appearance, easy to read and follow signs, welcoming smiles, and yes even comfortable chairs can go a long way to making your church a place that someone might just take a chance on.

So tell me, what does your church need to change to create a welcoming space?

P.S. Actual chairs not pictured, I wasn’t smart enough to take one before they were gone



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