The One Second Lesson for Churches

December 2, 2013

How important is one second to you? To those fans of Auburn or Alabama football, it meant either a win or a loss in the most important game of the season for the two fan bases. 

For those who didn’t see (what were you doing!), Alabama and Auburn were tied with one second left in a game that decided who would go to the SEC Championship game. Alabama had the ball and chose to attempt a 57 yard field goal. The field goal attempt came up short, and Auburn defensive back Chris Davis returned the kick all the way back for a game winning touchdown. 

So what does that have to do with your church? 

It was clear that Auburn had a plan for that one second. The coach chose to put a player back to catch the ball that had great speed. His teammates were coached how to block in the right direction to open up a hole. And that attention to detail made all the difference. 

Are you prepared for that one second that could change everything in your service?

What would happen if your microphone went out? Do you have extra batteries on hand? Do you have a backup mic on stage already?

What if the video screens went out? Do you still have song books or could you sing songs in which everyone knows the words. Would your worship leader freeze or deftly handle the situation?

God forbid someone comes in your church that could cause problems. Do you have a security team and where are they located? Is someone assigned to protect the pastor if someone should head towards him?

And on the positive side, what if fifteen people respond to the invitation this Sunday? Who can attend to their needs and pray with them? What would happen if the service goes over time and spills into the next service?

Yes there are a lot of issues to think about, but one second could change everything in your church for better or worse. So take time at your next staff meeting to go over these issues and make sure everyone is prepared. By doing this, you’ll be ready for the last tick on the clock, and hopefully you’ll make it count!



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