You didn’t hear that?

March 24, 2014

My two year old daughter is a consistent little girl. She has a routine and likes it! The other day she was right on schedule as she woke up from her nap around 3pm. I went upstairs to get her and change her clothes before bringing her back downstairs. As I sat her down on her changing table she said, “Do you hear that dad?”  “No I don’t sweetheart, what is it?” “I hear an airplane,” she said. Sure enough as I was quiet and listened, I could hear the airplane. 

A similar event happened this morning as we walked into the gym for a morning workout. “I hear a motorcycle,” she said. Again as I took a moment to listen I heard it too. 
Airplanes, motorcycles, trucks, I don’t even hear them anymore. But for her, everything is new. Every sight and sound is new and exciting and she can pick it out quickly. We live in a city and those sounds have become so common that they don’t even register in my brain. 
The same can be said about the leaders in a church. You’ve been there so long that most things just blend into the background. What do guests see as they enter the parking lot? What do members hear when you do your announcements? What is said when you enter the offering time? All these things are normal to you, but can make a huge difference in the life of your church. 
So why should you bring in someone from the outside to gauge what you’re doing as far as generosity is concerned? Or for that matter for how well you’re taking care of your church building? Or to audit your books to make sure everything is being accounted for financially? 
The answer is because the sights and sounds of your church are under the microscope when we enter your church. They are new and exciting and we notice every single one. 
From now on when my daughter and I are out somewhere, I’ll listen more closely to what is going on around me. I’ll pay attention to the unique noises and the beautiful flowers. And if I’m fortunate enough to spend a day in your church, I’ll help you notice the small things again as well. 
What is going on in your church that needs a look from an outside source? Ask your staff that question and then find a trusted partner that can help to open your eyes to the things that may be holding your church from taking the next big step. 



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