Why I Give to Get

April 6, 2014

I was at a client’s church recently, paying attention to what happened during the offering time. After a song one of the pastors came up to begin the process. He introduced the giving time by mentioning that we give so that all the ministries of the church can continue to go on. I’ve heard some variation of this very often and while it is true, I don’t think it’s the best way to explain why we give. So let’s go over some other familiar ways of introducing the giving moment.

“We give because God has blessed us so much”

“We give because God has commanded us to do so”

“We give because we are stewards of what God has given us”

“We give because God will bless us when we do”

Depending on the context of these statements, all can be true. But for me recently it’s been something else. I give to get, and no that doesn’t mean I give so I’ll get more money in return.

I’m no theologian or Biblical scholar, but this is a topic that I spend many of my waking hours contemplating with others who have this calling in life.

So let’s dig further, why does God want us to give?

I believe it is because He knows how important material possessions can be in our lives. We know how hard it is for a rich man to inherit the kingdom right? So God is saying that for some of us, money will become so important that it takes the place of the other important things in our life. Chief among those is Him. So I give to get. I give so that money loses its power in my life, and I get more of God in that spot. Money and finances and stuff loses power, God gains power.

For those of you on this journey with me as followers of Jesus, you know that a funny thing happens at that point. Despite circumstances in our lives we find peace and happiness and fulfillment when He is in charge. At least with where I stand with God at this point in my life, that’s what I’ve come up with to explain giving.

Now what are the secondary benefits? We bless God through our giving and showing that He is number one. We fulfill God’s call for us to give. We demonstrate good stewardship. We receive blessings that He has in store for us. Not only that but we further the ministry of the church, and lives are changed.

Giving is a discipleship process, and not everyone will understand this message. Some will begin giving because of those other reasons, and I think that is fantastic! However someone starts giving, I celebrate it as a win in their lives. But let’s keep teaching that there’s more to the story. If you open up more room for God, you will become more like Jesus because of it.

So now how much should you give? Well that comes in the next blog entitled… Give til it Hurts? No thank you!


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